Clay Spenser
Clay Spenser
Biographical Information
Real Name: Clay Spenser
Occupation: Navy SEAL
Title: Special Warfare Operator

Tier-One Operator

Born: 1990
Wife: Stella (fiancée)
Parents: Ash Spenser (Father)

Unnamed Mother

Affiliations: Navy SEAL

United States Navy

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Status: Alive
Episode Count: 22
Character Information
First appearance: Tip of the Spear
Portrayed by: Max Thieriot

Character Flag - American Male Military United States Navy BUD-S Navy SEAL  Bravo Team Season 1 Season 2

Clay Spenser, is a Navy SEAL on Bravo Team. He is a second-generation Tier-One Operator, and as the newest member, is refered to as B6, or Number 6. Clay's father, Ash Spenser is a former memeber of SEAL Team 3.

Throughout the series Edit

In Tip of the Spear Clay is trained by Big Chief and gets mouthy to his educator who then prompts to repeat the challenge. He's later teamed up with Jason Hayes' team of SEALs where he proceeds to clash with Hayes after Shooting Abu Samir Al Masri at gunpoint.

In Other Lives he trains along with Brian at Adams course, while Brian helps someone else Clay uses the chance to get an advantage on his competetor. Afterwards Adam announces the release of a bottom-five list that will end up sending one hopefull home. Clay is sure that he won't be on the list and acts cocky about it to Adam who snaps back. Later him and Brian are at a bar where he meets and flirts with Stella. The next day it's revealed that Clay is on the bottom-five list.


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