Emma Hayes
Emma Hayes
Biographical Information
Occupation: Student
Parents: Jason Hayes (Father)

Alana Hayes (Mother)

Family: Michael Hayes (Brother)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Status: Alive
Episode Count: 4
Character Information
First appearance: Tip of the Spear
Portrayed by: Kerri Medders

Character Flag - American Female Season 1

Emma Hayes is the Daughter of Jason Hayes.

Throughout the series Edit

In Tip of the Spear Emma and Michael attend Landon Masseys first communion but afterwards want to leave, Alana however disaproves and tells them to stay for their godbrothers celebration. Emma notes how they just watched him eat a waffer and are done with the ceremony. When Jason shows up she asks him if they could leave and he unwittingly lets them.

In Boarding Party Jason comes to pick up Emma for School, however she's not yet ready and states that her teacher loves her anyways. She later interupts Alana and Jason when talking about Nate's burner phone

Throughout the Series Edit

In Tip of the Spear Alana and her kids attend Landon Massey's first communion, she shares a discussion with Jason about their failing marriage until he's called to action. Before he leaves she asks him to attend Emma's recital. During the recital, Alana thinks that Jason won't show up but is positively surprised when he appears to support his daughter.

In Other Lives Alana and Jason pack up Molly's stuff from Nate's house, they converse about having dinner but Alana notes that it'd be too confusing for both of them and the kids. After Jason's mission he helps with packing up and Alana watches Jason share a moment with his son.

In Boarding Party Alana tells Jason about Nate's mysterious burner phone and asks if Jason knew anything about Nate having had an affair behind Molly's back. Jason promises to investigate.

In Ghosts of Christmas Future both Alana and Jason are called in to Michael's school as he had been displaying violent behaviour, when asked about a new romantic situation having started in any of their lives the scene flashes to Alana and Jason in bed, revealing that they're still having sexual relations despite their break. Alana notes how much Jason has changed despite looking the same as he did when they were 15.

Appearances Edit

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