Emma Hayes is a recurring character on SEAL Team. She's the daughter of Jason Hayes who leads the group of Navy SEALS the series focuses on. She's the daughter of Alana Hayes, the older sister of Michael Hayes and older godsister of Landon Massey.

She's portrayed by american actress and singer Kerri Medders.

Throughout the series Edit

In Tip of the Spear Emma and Michael attend Landon Masseys first communion but afterwards want to leave, Alana however disaproves and tells them to stay for their godbrothers celebration. Emma notes how they just watched him eat a waffer and are done with the ceremony. When Jason shows up she asks him if they could leave and he unwittingly lets them.

In Boarding Party Jason comes to pick up Emma for School, however she's not yet ready and states that her teacher loves her anyways. She later interupts Alana and Jason when talking about Nate's burner phone

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Season 1 Edit

Tip of the Spear Other Lives Boarding Party Ghosts of Christmas Future
Appears Absent Appears Absent
Collapse The Spinning Wheel Borderlines The Exchange
Rolling Dark 1x10 1x11 1x12
1x13 1x14 1x15 1x16
1x17 1x18 1x19 1x20
1x21 1x22

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