Laila or also known as Eva Teresi is a recurring character on SEAL Team (TV Series). She's the mysterious woman related to Nate Massey.

Prior to the Series Edit

She used to be a translator during a Mission with Nate Massey, Ray Perry and Sonny Quinn.

Throughout the Series Edit

In Boarding Party Jason and Alana Hayes discover Nate's burner phone that ultimately leads Jason to Laila's house where he photographes her.

In Ghosts of Christmas Future Jason asks Sonny where he knows her from. Sonny says that she used to be a translator for Nate. However he also notes that she might be dead, something that clearly isn't the case.

In Collapse Jason clears out Nate's cage and finds scissored up passports that were seemingly used to forge a passport for Laila.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

Tip of the Spear Other Lives Boarding Party Ghosts of Christmas Future
Absent Absent Appears Image Only
Collapse The Spinning Wheel Borderlines The Exchange
Image Only
Rolling Dark 1x10 1x11 1x12
1x13 1x14 1x15 1x16
1x17 1x18 1x19 1x20
1x21 1x22

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