Takedown is the nineteenth episode of the first season of SEAL Team and the nineteenth episode of the series overall.

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"Takedown" - The SEAL Team sends Ray undercover in a busy spice market to make a high-stakes money swap, and Jason attempts to take down a terrorist known to wear a suicide belt. Also, Ray realizes the devastating consequences of his decisions.

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  • Mustafa Haidari as Khalid
  • James Hiroyuki Liao as Lucien
  • Wasim No' Mani as Abad Halani
  • Maz Siam as Nouri Halani
  • Joseph Makkar as Hamid Baladur
  • Aryan Simhadri as Kid
  • Jeremiah Birkett as Percy Jacobs
  • Iyad Hajjaj as Server
  • Peter D. Michael as Frightened Man
  • Kaliayh Rhambo as Jameelah

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